The collection contains about 3000 scores of compositions in various styles: baroque, blues, romanticism, boogie woogie… 19th-century music is best represented: approximately 3/5 of the scores. 20th-century music is to be found in 1/5 of the scores.

Music in braille.

For almost every musical instrument scores can be found in the collection: accordion, cello, flute, guitar, harmonica, harp, oboe, clarinet, lute, percussion, saxophone, trumpet… The most popular instrument is the piano: in 53% of the scores it is used as a solo instrument (2- and sometimes 4-handed) and in 18% used as accompanying instrument. On the second place come the organ and the harmonium, together 13% of the scores. Compositions for voice and for the violin represent 9% and 6%. In addition a few music-theoretical works appear in the catalogue as well.

Harmonie à deux parties: a theory book by J. Roussel (BV-05-2855). The title page is not notated in braille, the rest of the book is.

The piano being the most popular instrument in the collection, it isn’t surprising that Chopin’s music is the best represented (155 scores), Mozart (99) and Bach (95) follow. Furthermore, the collection contains music by some 800 other composers, arrangers and authors.