Provenance of the collection

The braille collection of the library of the Royal Conservatory Brussels (RCB), was originally compiled by the organisation Licht en Liefde in Bruges (founded in 1923).

The mark of Licht en Liefde.

After the 2008 fusion of the Licht en Liefde library (the Vlaamse klank- en braillebibliotheek) with the Vlaamse luister- en braillebibliotheek, the collection became part of the Luisterpuntbibliotheek.


In 2012, Luisterpuntbibliotheek decided to donate its music scores to the library of the Conservatory. In the course of the next year, the collection was transferred from Varsenare to the library of the Conservatory. Since the completion of the inventory of the 3000 scores in 2017, a pdf file can be consulted here by those interested wishing to borrow scores in braille.