Chapter 2

Geistliche Andachten by Paul Gerhard, 1662, and the Enchiridion Giestlicher Leder unde Psalmen of Martin Luther, 1570 in richly decorated covers from the late 19th century. The bevelled covers with gold stamping are witness to refined luxury.

The book covers were ordered by the former owner Guido Wagener (1822-1896), professor of anatomy and music collector. The golden page edgings have lost none of their former glory even after 150 years. The inside of the covers are clad in marbled paper finished with golden relief.

The Geistliche Andachten of Paul Gerhard contains no less than "120 songs", according to the title page. The musical notation is for a single voice. The book itself has 723 pages but its size is only 15 cm.

The song collection contains relatively few illustrations. This rather crude engraving of a Christmas scene from the 17th century stands in strong contrast to the expensive book cover from the 19th century.

The book ends with familiar formula for religious music: "To God alone be the glory". The stamp in blue ink is characteristic of the former owner, Guido Wagener.


Brussels Conservatory collection, FA-IV-120, FA-IV-164