Chapter 4

Raccolta di Arie coll’accompagnamento dle Cimbalo, di diversi Autori.  An Italian music manuscript from the 18th century.  The leather cover, no larger than 8 by 22 cm, is richly decorated with a coat-of-arms and a rosette in gold stamping.  The cover was restored in 2012.

The collection contains 22 arias with harpsichord accompaniment by diverse composers.  Bernardo Pasquini is represented by 14 arias.  The index at the end of the book lists only the titles of the arias, composers are not indicated.

An elaborate initial marks the beginning of each new aria, but this decorative element also has a negative impact:  the ink spot is clearly visible on the reverse side of the page.  The ink of the initial and the notes are sadly eating away at the paper.

In contrast with the rich Italian binding, the simple, functional cover is made with marbled paper.  There are clear traces of use.

Neue Englische Tänze, by Friedrich Gottlieb Nagel, dancing master at the court of Prussia, Leipzig, 1768.  The former owner, Westphal, has noted his name on the title page.  This “pocket score” contains both music and dance figures.


Brussels Conservatory collection, FA-IV-87, FA-VI-1