Chapter 6

The psalm book entitled Der Ganze Psalter, Regensburg, 1675 is one of the most impressive psalm books from the Brussels conservatory library.  A stylish parchment cover with pink and orange tinted marbled pattern. 

The publication is richly illustrated, sometimes with allegorical images, such as “Formosius renascens”, and sometimes with plants and trees.  Each psalm is associated with a particular plant.  Here is a selection with cedar, gelsemium, palm, passionflower and the rose of Jericho.

Two treatises from 1691 by the German theoretician and composer Wolfgang Caspar Printz (1641-1717) in parchment covers with blue edging.  The collection was formerly the property of the composer Johann Janitsch and Bach scholar Philipp Spitta.

Both treatises Musicus curiosus or the curious musician, and Musicus magnanimous, or the generous musician, are published under the pseudonym Mimnermo.  Both publications are decorated by a similar frontispiece.


Brussels Conservatory collection, 23386-87, FA-IV-096