The Guido Richard Wagener Collection

Decorative book from Wagener collection

The private collection of anatomist and amateur violinist Guido Richard Wagener (1822-1896) was purchased by Brussels Conservatory librarian Alfred Wotquenne in 1901. Wagener collected a wide range of music but was especially interested in German music. The collection contains more than 9,000 works purchased by Wagener prior to his death in 1896. In addition to his music collection, he also collected books and equipment related to the study of anatomy, musical instruments and iconography. His collection of instruments were destroyed during the second World War and his collection of musical iconography was split up and sold in 1982.

This collection is the largest and most important collection of “foreign” music in Belgium. Together with the Westphal collection it forms the majority of the Brussels Conservatory Libraries’ historical holdings. In regards to Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach its importance is less than the Westphal collection, however there are several important works, among them four, possibly five autographs.