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Westphal letter in French
[Westphal letter in French]
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[Westphal list of iconography]
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Besides the musical and theoretical works contained in the Westphal collection there are many fragments of correspondence, copies of dictionary entries, notes on publishers’ offerings during Westphal’s lifetime and various scraps of papers. Among these notes there are several interesting items including a letter written in French to an unnamed former child prodigy harpsichord player and composer (Mozart?). We also find a list of portraits of musicians, another of Westphal’s collecting passions. This list was written by C.P.E. Bach’s wife Johanna Maria and the darker ink is in the hand of C.P.E. Bach himself. Two short, handwritten treatises on continuo playing were also found amongst these papers. It is not clear if these are original works or copies made by Westphal.