Importance of the collection

The collection consists of about one and a half meters of music for harp or around 500 works. The repertoire consists largely of music for harp solo, complemented by chamber music with, as expected, at least one part for harp. In addition there are also several harp concertos.

The repertoire dates from the 19th and 20th centuries, mostly originally written for harp but sometimes arrangements. Nevertheless, the emphasis is on 20th century music, ranging from impressionism and neoclassical to modernist works from 1945. 

Koloth, graphic score by Leon Schidlowsky, Tel Aviv, 1973. Collection Mildonian E03242.


The collection is, of course, of particlar interest for harpists. Its repertoire is large and contains also lesser known works. In regards to musical interpretation, the scores with personal annotations and fingerings by Susanna Mildonian are particularly useful.

Fragment of an annotated score by Mildonian. Pour le tombeau d’Orphée by Marius Flothuis, 1950. BV-09-0004.

Fragment of Divertissements by André Caplet, annotated by Mildonian. BV-09-0005.

Fragment of In Balance by Isang Yun, 1987, annotated by Mildonian. BV-09-0021.

Fragment of first Arabesque by Debussy, annotated by Mildonian. BV-09-0036.

The Mildonian collection fits perfectly into the conservatory's collection plan: it is an important addition to the 18th-century harp music that is already present in the conservatory library. It is also an important addition to the LP collection, as it is very interesting to listen to the recording by Mildonian while reading from her annotated score.

The collection also contains some unique pieces: scores dedicated to her. These dedications  show an international sympathy and appreciation for the harpist.

Autograph dedication by Enrique Ubieta, New York, 1975. BV-09-0066.

Autograph dedication by Ivan Patachichi, Budapest, 1975. E03103.

Autograph letters from composers to Mildonian are also a very important piece of the collection.