The Muizelhuis Concerts, a non-profit organization

In November 1983, the first house concert took place the newly built house.  This was the start of a long chain concerts at a frequency of about eight a year, sometimes accompanied by an art exhibition.

The goal of these house concerts was to offer performing opportunities to young, promising musicians and to involve the listeners from close by. Literally, the musicians were surrounded by the audience.

The performance of Flemish music was also an important pillar of the Muizelhuis. At least one work by a Flemish composer was performed at each concert.

Another particularity of the Muizelhuis Concerts was the live recording of each concert. The recording studio on the first floor was well equipped and the purpose was to be able to give all the performers a copy of the recording the same evening of the concert.

The concert organisation followed mostly a fixed pattern. Most house concerts took place on Saturday evening, 8.15 pm. However, the musicians arrived at the Muizelhuis as early as 4.30 pm, at the request of the hosts. This gave them plenty of time to get used to the surroundings and to set up quietly. Because Muizelhuis first and foremost wants to offer a home away from home, the guest room was also at the musicians” disposal. The family Steenhoudt also offered the musician a tasty meal. Each concert was always followed by a reception giving the musicians and the audience the opportunity to socialise.

In 1984, a non-profit organisation was set up to run the whole project. The association was recognised by the Flemish government as a cultural organisation and received subsidies for this purpose. Besides founder Herman Steenhoudt, well-known figures from the artistic world were board members of the organisation, such as the composters Roland Coryn and Jan Decadt and the painter Jacques Coryn.