The biennial composition competition

A few years after the start, in 1986, the idea grew to organise a composition competition for young Belgian composers up to the age of 35. The assignment was to compose chamber music for a limited ensemble of up to 6 performers. The duration of such compositions had to be between 10 and 24 minutes. Furthermore, each composer had to submit his work under a motto, so that the jury could make an independent and unbiased judgement. Apart from these conditions, the composers were completely free in their composition.

The winners of the biennial composition contest were invariably awarded a medal. These copper medals of honour were made by the goldsmith Jacques Vanneste. He was commissioned to incorporate on the front the Muizelhuis logo, an intertwining of a bagpipe, the Muizel wind mill and the Muizelhuis itself. On the back of the medal, a musical score was engraved, as well as the name of the laureate and the date of the composition competition.

The prize-winning works were each performed at a special award concert. The awarded  compositions became part of the the Muizelhuis repertoire, so that other musicians also could  perform these works.